Friday, May 04, 2007

My husband knits (tons of pics)

Peggy commented:
Wow!!!! A husband that knits!!!! What or what would my stash look like if my husband did the same? Hmmmm, might cause a family feud. :) The socks are beautiful and such a sweet gift.

Yes, this is a blog about my crafts, but sometimes my crafts and my husband's crafts overlap. Since he was working late tonight I ran around the house and snapped pictures of things he has knit. I'm amazed at how much has been for me.... Thank you sweetie :)

His first big project was this green blanket.

We worked together on a pair of slippers for our older daughter. (We both knit and then I seamed)

Socks, socks, socks... some for me, some for him.... and his latest pair for me

He also made me this lopi hat - the matching sweater-which-shall-not-ever-be-blocked was made by me.

This hat was for our younger daughter - very pretty noro. He also did another hat for her when she was younger - red/brown woolease. I'll post a picture when I find it (that closet needs some help) and snap a picture.

We called this 'Big Gray'. It's a Lavold design made with Lopi. He was planning for it to be big, but it kept growing. It's nice a comfy looking on him, but we keep joking about felting it down a bit.

Pi shawl with arms, made with a WEBS tent sale find - again, for me. This picture doesn't do it justice, I'll have to post another one soon.

Big cushy pillow made with Bamboo yarn, completely designed by him.

There is also his recently completed hedgehog

This is his normal craft bag. It makes me smile since it's a tool bag and says 'Craftsman' right on it. It's big enough to hold medium sized projects and it doesn't have flowers on it.

He has a small cube that holds all the random needles and such that every knitter gathers.

...and a new travel bag for knitting. It will hold a small project or two and a book or something else to do. It's currently holding the nice lacy socks that he is making for me.

His stash... the first picture is in a big basket off to the side of our room. The second picture is in a big tub under the bed. (hiding yarn in with lopi sweaters, perfect plan - he claims the lopi is all mine to make another sweater with) The only thing not included is the fact that there's more lopi in my stash - I claim all lopi is pretty much jointly owned. Most of this stash is yarn that's been left over from old projects.

And here's where it starts getting fun. Here's some yarn that he started more socks for me, but ended up deciding it wasn't working. This yarn is now mine, I just need to frog it and move it to my stash.

And thus ends the husband portion of the show... almost. While digging around and taking pictures I found an old finished object. There are two pairs of finished toe socks I made for him. t-o-e socks. four of them. measured and custom knit. yay. maybe some day I'll end up making more for him, just not right now with my present project load.

So there we have almost all of his knitting... more on my current projects next time.

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Anne said...

What great pictures!! Looks like sharing your passion can definitely be a good thing (as could negotiations for yarn, maybe? hehe). That's awesome that ya'll can share this - thanks for sharing it all.