Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Swap and Filler

I love my Swap Pal. I really do. I was all set to post today about my garden and my frantic attempt to finish spinning (so I can start knitting that and spin other fibery goodness). ...and then the mail came today - and I love my pal.

Yes, that is Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran, some blue sky cotton, and... some yarn pirate :) I love the colors she does, and this one is great!

In fact, one of my LYS just recently asked for suggestions and I tossed that brand out as a 'good idea'... The funny part is, I haven't actually knit with any yet, I just love the colors! So I look forward to knitting with it - I might even have to ball it up before heading to the Yarn Harlot event tonight...

All the yarns are so soft and squishy. :) She included a little note thanking me for my patience and giving me encouragement for my projects. The encouragement was so nice to read - it's nice to hear that others like reading about my projects... and if this is what a little patience brings, you can take all the time you need for the final reveal ;). Thank you so much!!

After that, I feel like what I had planned is filler, but I will keep going, since I already took the pictures. My front and side yards are pretty, but I already missed the prettiest part... My back yard refuses to grow grass, but I did plant a square foot garden:

It has tomatoes, bell pepper, mini-pepper, carrots and radishes, eggplant, brussel sprouts, the four in the middle are lettuces, spinach and chard, and then there are three squares with edamame.

And I have my two herb gardens that break up the patio from the pretend grass (weeds and dirt right now):

I can identify any plants if you're interested, but I just think it's really pretty right now. My sweet husband just tilled the old garden area (square foot is new this year, so there's only one - probably more next year) where we're going to be the squash and cucumbers and peas and beans (and any other plants that didn't fit in the squares).

I washed the sock yarn for my sweet husband:

it is now hanging to dry, so I can ball it up and start. I didn't do this earlier because I wanted to finish spinning it all up before I start knitting. I am this close:

I can finish it up maybe tonight... or tomorrow. and then ply it. and skein and wash it... but I am close enough for my comfort - I just didn't want to have to stop knitting to spin more up.

I also finally started the bunny that will be felted. Two feet are done and I've started the back. (I did work on the lace scarf for a couple of days first, but I couldn't have that be my only knit project for too long... of course, now I'll be starting multiple pairs of socks also within the next day or so, but I will keep working on the bunny too)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked your package because it was only fibery goodness this time. I hated to part with the Yarn Pirate sock yarn, just so you know it is an exclusive colourway made for the sock club I belong to. I'm really glad it found a good home *big grin* I love soft and squishy yarn too! Also a warning about the Blue Sky Alpaca's Cotton is lovely soft and nice to work up but it does pill a bit with time. Thought that warning might come in handy when you decide what to use it for.

From your secret pal!