Sunday, June 24, 2007

100th Post Contest

Ok, here's the deal... I'm still knitting on the shawl. I am on row 12 (out of 17) of the edging, and then I will be done. I think I will be fine - which completely amazes me, that I knit this whole thing since Monday evening. I will have time to block it and I'm no longer saying "if it comes out nicely" although that is still in the back of my head - I really am planning to give it away. It will be nice to be done (although I am still enjoying the knitting, not hating it yet). I am looking forward to knitting something else with my own homespun yarn soon (not right away though).

I will return to knitting and try to get some nice pictures of it before I gift it but after I block it.... I noticed, however, that this is my 100th post. I know that's not that many, but it sounds pretty cool to me, so it's time for my first ever contest. (...and yes, I do just love comments, but I also want to mark this number in some way!) All you have to do is comment between now and Wednesday (june 27th) midnight (east coast usa time) and I will randomly select a winner. Please include your email in the comment (such as lucybw at gmail dot com) and the only other thing you have to include is your favorite post or FO or WIP (that's finished object and work in progress translated for my sister) that I've done on this blog. The winner will receive a nice crafty/yarny surprise package in the mail - those related to me are eligible, except for my sweet husband, who has all the yarn he needs right now (except for some solid sock yarn, of course - socks... socks!)

So, enjoy.. discuss amoungst yourselves, and enter!

note: as this is my first contest, if I get only two entries, they both win! ...more than two, I randomly draw! :) lol


Chelle said...

All I can say is wow!!! You are really flying on that shawl and from what you have posted so far that's my favourite besides the secret pal stuff and your spinning FO's! I can't just choose one :-D

Well I'm almost ready to move to my new knitting blog and here's the address I'll be using anonymous (DoT) zen (aT) gmail (dOt) com. Yep I grew attached to this e-mail address during SP 10.


Your Husband said...

Hey, no fair. :(

Knitting Mama said...

My fave FO's is Sean's Baseball Sweater, that he only got to wear once. The pattern was ONLY for 3 mos size, so I can't even knit it larger. Too bad. It was too cute. Oh well, maybe his new sweater will then become a fave, the one I'm working on now.

My email is: graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com

Happy 100th Post!

Divine Bird said...

My favorite FO is the multicolored socks that you just finished recently. My goodness, I really love how they came out. :D

I'm divinebird AT gmail DOT com. :D

I love the berry-colored stole you did a few months back, too. :)

Lilleduck said...

I just love your wing of the moth shawl. But then the color is so beautifull on it too. I just love blue. It was fun reading about all the spinning and plying for it too. This won't be the last time I wisit your blog!
I just have to look how the MS3 goes I'm knitting it too.
my mail is: lilleduck (aT) yahoo (DoT) no

love and light Nina

anna said...

I just love that shawl!! I will be knitting my first with the MS3 ths summer. My favorite project of yours was the felted bunny. I like making dolls and stuffed animals too...mainlly I sew them...but that bunny looks so cute...I wouldn't mind trying to do one. My email addy is:
Spinweaver623@wmconnect.comThanks for the contest...I love those too!!! LOL

Divine Bird said...

Aww, I loved his socks, though!! I just gravitate to the brilliant colors. :) I think it's awesome that your husband knits--mine is just learning but he's not really into it. I think he's learning just so he can understand me when I talk about it. ;)

You guys should both come to Thursday night SnB. Maybe if you can find a sitter that night you guys can put in an appearance--we have several men who knit, so yours won't be the lone guy. :D

mle said...

I'm really loving the colors on your wing o the moth shawl. so pretty! my email is mle_the_rif at yahoo dot com.

Morandia said...

you are making amazingly fast progress! I love your spinning FOs.

I'm rather new to spinning but been a knitter for a while. My email is syslibrarian at gmail dot com

Ina said...

Happy 100th post! I like the felted rabbit best. It knocks me out how the ear lining and paws turned out, also I can't do faces and your rabbit has the sweetest face. Thanks for a fun contest!

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Just reading the blog tires me out. I can't imagine having the energy to do all this. ;) Keep it up li'l sis. I love seeing what you're working on. Thanks for getting mom started.

My favorite work? Rainbow Toe Socks.

Rita said...

When I first read about your contest I was in a hurry and missed the part about family members being eligible. So, after a re-reading and since I can always use yarn, I thought I might as well leave a comment.

I am truly impressed with all you have done since I loaned you my spinning wheel. It's fun to have you show me how to do something new, including starting a blog ( One of the fun perks of being a mother.

My favorite is the one you just showed me (whatever it is).

The rate you seem to fly through projects makes me glad that MS3 gives only clues once a week. Maybe that will give me the ability to keep up with you.

Try reaching me at rita at knotsindeed dot com

Carmen said...

I was informed by someone that you wondered why I hadn't responded. My reasons: I am one of the least computer-oriented people at home, so I forget about blogs and checking them (nice blog, by the way); and, this would be the first comment I've ever posted.

The socks look really cool.
carmenbart AT gmail DOT com

Thanks for the help with spinning, even though I have been having difficulty finding time to do more.


Anonymous said...

I almost forgot to enter! My favorite FO is the felted brown bunny rabbit.

julies (aT) maine (dOt)rr (d0t)com

Stephanie said...

I love how your wing o the moth came out - I am always inspired by other peoples handspun hand knit projects!
I'm found at woodlandsprite at gmail dot com

tammy said...

My favourite is the yarn you made in this post:

So pretty! Congratulations on 100! beentsy at yahoo dot ca