Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As I bask in the glow of finishing a big project before the (somewhat self imposed) deadline I've been reading through all the comments for the contest. Thank you for all the compliments - I've replied to everyone who left an email address, but for those few who didn't, so I couldn't - Thank you so much! I've loved hearing what everyone's favorite item is... I realize that the list on the sidebar only has things made this year (and the blog only goes back to november of last year) so there's not too many to choose from.

Since I can't seem to work for too long on any of my current projects (I need a couple of days to get over the obsessive knitting - as does my family), I thought I'd take some pictures of some of my older finished items. I'll spread the photos out over the next several days, hopefully by the time I'm done showing you those, I'll have some more knitting and spinning to show you.

I have a bunch of pictures, but as I'm sorting them out, you just get one tonight. Mystery Stole 3 is starting soon, and as it has a bead option I thought I'd show the one beaded knitting I have done:

A little hand bag for my SIL, done with two different thicknesses of knit-crosheen held together, some nice beads, and a bit of patience. I did the beading with a tiny (size 13 maybe?) crochet hook onto just one of the strands. I designed it myself and then fit it with a lining and zipper. I made this back in 2003 (maybe?).

I haven't purchased any beads for MS3, and I don't know if I will - as I like beading, but my taste for it depends on the project - and since I can't see this one, I think I might not - but I could always change my mind....

More pictures tomorrow!
...and some crafty-progress soon - don't forget to enter the contest - one more day left!

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Monika said...

How cute is that purse!? I've got to learn how to knit with beads as well. I will NOT start a crochet blanket, even though I really want to, hehe. Thanks for your comment on my blog about the cardigan. ;o)