Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stash Flash

To finish off SP10, I figured I should post my stash... so yesterday, while my girls had a nap, I took pictures of all of my yarn:

First, my actual workbasket. It holds my current WIP. This sits next to my chair and is usually pretty neat. In the middle of a big project (or several small ones) it might explode a bit all over the place though.

I normally don't buy yarn unless it's for a project. Sometimes I will buy yarn and not start it right away, and then with my swaps lately I have a bit of a back log. Most of what is in my stash is remains from old projects. Whether it's a full ball or a tiny scrap - most of my stash is stored in here:

I did actually take pictures of groups of yarn. If you are interested in seeing it, I started organizing all those pictures in flickr. Here's a small sampling though:

I received the next bag from my sister in law (christmas?) just in time for it to store my spun yarns. Most of them are found on this blog, but they are also included in the flickr stash.

My lopi (both left over and remains)

and then fully displayed

My fiber stash (allowing for the big bag of brown alpaca, the smaller big bag of dark brown/black wool, and the big bag of free old white-ish wool I can play with dyeing and techniques - which are not shown)

Of course, you have to add in my latest swap package and the yarn I just bought for baby blankets and bears (fully viewable on the flickr stash)

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