Friday, June 01, 2007

Better late than never

Before I reconstruct the Yarn Harlot event post, I needed to finish this post and put it up. It's a bit past the contest date, but I figured I would post this anyway...

As part of SP10 my group was asked to post all of our WIP. I have pictures of all my recent ones (not my two big UFOs).

I am so close to being done spinning this fiber. I made a 3-ply (navajo ply) yarn of the other half, but I think I will only 2-ply this half - and a half should be plenty for a pair of socks (and use the 3-ply for something else). I will probably finish this and ply it sometime this weekend - I hope!

These four are my other WIP. I am spinning some angora on my spindolyn (which I will ply with some roving I haven't spun yet, but I have picked out). I am working on the lace scarf - I will keep working on that - slowly... I figure I will keep working until the yarn runs out, which will be a while. I am working on the yarn pirate socks - just my normal plain pattern, although i've been thinking of trying a different heel (wendy's new heel pattern). I might need to rip it back just to the increases and do a few less though, I'm trying to decide if I like how the color is pooling (diagonal stripe) or not. ...and then I'm working on the felted bunny. I am done knitting. I just need to sew it up, wash it, stuff it, let it dry, add eyes, and re-stuff. and then it will be good to go!

Just a note: my two big UFOs are not spinning or knitting related - one is a strip quilt, and the other is a big cross stitch. (and then of course I have projects planned that I haven't actually started yet, so they don't count)

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