Friday, June 08, 2007

Not another FO yet

Progress is being made on the Dulaan hat, the SockYarn Melon Shawl, and the Pirate Sock. I also went through my shawl yarn I had spun up and plied it a bit tighter (paying more attention as I plied). Pictures next time perhaps. Nothing is quite done yet...

I also wanted to send people over to Claudia's MS page where she is trying to raise money, and reward people by drawing prizes... If you donate there you can also check out Cara's June 7 post and email two others who are raffling off prizes.

There was also an announcement today about the beginning of Mystery Stole 3. I've been staring at some of Melanie's other patterns for a while now... trying to get up my nerve to buy one and start it. With the Mystery Stole group she will be releasing the information bit by bit (almost) every week over the summer, and slowly it will come together. I've been looking at different yarn... I'm thinking of this - in fawn perhaps (she suggested white or black... or cream or gray) - seeing I only need 1200 yards, that would be plenty. ..and then I have to decide if I want to use beads or not... and what kind.. if I decide to do that option. She's closing sign-ups July 6th, so if you're interested, sign up soon!

Hopefully I'll have something finished (or close to finished) soon...

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