Thursday, June 21, 2007

No picture post

Thanks for the compliments on the shawl... I have now knit monday evening, tuesday day, wednesday evening, and thursday day. I managed to finish the first chart of the shawl and the transition and have now started the second chart. I've got less than 61 rows in total... of course, I'm up to over 350 stitches per row...

I've been knitting a lot - and on only this one project. When this is done it will be nice to take a break for a couple of days... but I am still enjoying it for now - especially now that I figured out the reading the second chart (the pattern has both chart and text - I followed the first chart, but the second one is a bit more complex, I had to follow a couple of rows of text before jumping to the chart)

I'll take some pictures mid-day tomorrow, but it's hard to see, as it can't really stretch out on the long needles any more. I have a nice small deflated pile of yarn, but I am still working on the first skein of home-spun wool/angora.

Oh right, I never said what pattern I am working with... that would be wing of the moth. I didn't realize it until I had already made my decision, but I was reading Wendy's blog back when she made it, and Cara is currently making one also (go down to the bottom of that post). Pretty, eh?

btw, I am not just speeding through this for my health, I do maybe have plans for it (if it looks nice enough when it's done, otherwise I'll just keep it) which involve it being done next week.... so, back to knitting

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Anonymous said...

At the rate you're going; you'll definitely have it done in time!