Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Catchup and a Bit of Knitting

I realized I never posted the haul from Webs from a couple of weeks ago:

There's two cones of Webs 2/14 AlpacaSilk (my husband has plans for a big shawl for me), some pink tofutsies for the girls, some hand-dyed sock yarn (they had a sample sock in the store in that colorway), my new yarn meter, another cookie a sock pattern (my husband's favorite of hers), and a clog-slipper pattern and soles for my husband (happy fathers day, now I just need to make them by the end of summer, right?)

Progress on the shawl for my younger daughter - not much actual progress in inches, but I did attach the second ball finally and started working on it again.

I easily came back to the pattern (6 row repeat, only 3 different rows) after the moth shawl, it only took a couple rows to refind my rhythm.

And for today's installment of old FO, the teddy bears:

Both are from Debbie Bliss patterns, I'd have to look it up to find all the page numbers in the different books (as I have a couple).... The pink one's bunny costume comes off completely - and my older daughter *usually* loves it. The one with the blue clothing belongs to my younger daughter and doesn't wear it's hat and slippers normally. I think I made these back in 2004? Enjoy!

(don't forget the contest, it ends late tonight, east coast US time - winners tomorrow!)


JBB said...

You're SO prolific / productive! I'm impressed, though worn out :) as I look at your work!

Monika said...

THe stitch pattern goes really well with this yarn. It's not easy to put variegated yarn and a lace stitch pattern so well together. I love the knitted toys. I have some books for knitted toys, but never had the time to make anything. Maybe now's the time?

tisjewel said...

Returning the favor :)

That shawl is gorgeous, beautiful stitches and I agree the variegated yarn really does make it pop! Beautiful work!