Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SP10 finale

Over the weekend I found out that my last swap package was on its way to me... I didn't expect it to arrive on monday!

In the card, Chelle explained that she's legally blind and the reason she was gone in the middle of the swap is she was at guide dog school! So although she is allergic to chocolate (sob!), animal yarns (sob!) and allergic to dogs and cats (ditto - me too!), she was getting her first guide dog.

The yarns are Cascade 220 (color 2435), indigo moon -so squishy! (lot 243- forest green) and some Koigu KPPPM (P820226). They are all SO nice :) and of course, my daughters tried to swipe the chocolate already, but it is mine!

Thank you SO much Chelle! Maylee (her dog) is such a cutie! I hope you keep reading and commenting.. awesome swap!


Anonymous said...

Great package!

Chelle said...

Hi Lucy,

I'm glad you liked your last package. I can't believe that it got to you soo fast!

I ended up setting up a new knitting blog, lol and you are the first to know! I'm going to be using the old one for a little while longer till I get the new one all pretty and set up to my liking. Just click on to see my profile on this comment and follow the link to my new blog from it to take a peek.

As for being allergic to chocolate it's just milk (darn lactose), I LOVE dark chocolate and I just have to be careful that there is little or no milk ingredients. *big grins* I love that skein of Indigo Moon and just had to pick it up for you since I can't use it myself.

Take care,
Chelle and Maylee