Thursday, January 05, 2012

Black Hood

Back in the early part of last year my sister-in-law asked, politely, if I'd be willing to make a scarf/hat for my brother for his birthday. Since his birthday wasn't until fall and she was willing to pay, I said, sure, I can do that. After looking at prices and materials we decided she would buy good quality yarn and pattern and I would donate my time cuz I love them and they like handmade things and treat them well.

We decided on this pattern that has a hood and an attached scarf....

In a color that can't go wrong with my brother, and can't help but improve his look.

It was a fun knit for me with a slightly different construction and (for those who understand knitting:) an I-cord edge that is knit at the same time as the scarf! So simple, but had never thought of the method.

I had my son pose with it so I'd have a picture of it on someone before I mailed it off. He, being three, was not so impressed.

I did have it finished and mailed before his October birthday, but I did cut it a little close!

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