Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gray Spinning

A while back I read a blog post (I think by the yarn harlot) where they mentioned that you should never knit with grey during the winter. I think that might be my problem with my spinning. I did, however, begin this when it was not grey outside. I just need to hunker down and finish at least the one skein (I have another two to do sometime). Or maybe I just need to make sure all my knitting has color and move to the spinning wheel only after I am color-saturated.

Actually, I am pre-writing this post and I have a couple of days before it will be published, let's see if I can finish this skein and maybe even have it plied and washed before this posts.... but considering all the other things I want to do this week, perhaps not.


I did finish spinning the first skein. I even plied and washed it:

Pretty right?

...but I won't know what pattern to start until I know how much yarn I have, and to do that I still have two more skeins to spin...

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