Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fingerless Mitts for Painting

When my friend Laura heard I was trying to get our upstairs finished and asked if she could do anything I joked about painting, and she looked at me seriously and offered to help again. She ended up using several buckets of spackle, a couple gallons of paint, and many many mornings. I watched her kid while she worked, but then we worked out a deal that she would get 3 knit projects (within reason) done for her. This is the first (I have yarn for the second, and the third is still up in the air).

While trying to decide what she wanted me to make I was showing her the different yarn I already had on hand. I also showed her all the yarn I had spun without a specific project in mind, and she just loved this yarn:

(also pictured here)

I did an advance search on ravelry and found that that skein of yarn was enough to make these mitts, which are lovely.

I had to finish some christmas and personal knitting before I could get started, but once I cast on each mitt only took two or three days of my knitting time and they are done!

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