Friday, January 13, 2012

Goals for 2012

Now that I've held myself accountable for my 2011 goals it is time to list my goals for this year.

Goals for 2012:

1. Move at least 20 minutes every day
2. Get my Goodreads to-read list down to a 3 month or less wait
3. sew piece one clothing for each person in my family
4. read my Sunday School lesson each week
5. 2 vegetarian meals each week

So far I have moved 20 minutes each day except for one Sunday.

My oldest book on my goodreads list was put there April 2011, and I started with 43 books on my list (one week in I'm at 45 books).

I will hopefully do lots of other crafting, for myself and others, from a variety of crafts - but it's time to make myself pull out my sewing machine and use it.

I did read my Sunday School lesson for week 2 (week one was Jan 1st and I hadn't made the goal yet). I also read my lesson for Relief Society. It helped that I had read the lesson for Sunday School though, as I was able to step up and sub for a teacher. I've also started the lesson for week 3.

The two vegetarian meals will be something I am not necessarily doing every week from the start but something I can hopefully build up to and then maintain.

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