Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goals from 2011

I had five goals last year, so it's time for some accountability:

1. Make a habit of daily scripture reading
2. Read a majority (average a book a week) of my goodreads list
3. Spin at least 60 oz over the year
4. Go through toys - donate/toss/keep and in 1 or 2 places
5. Deep clean each room twice

1. I did make it a habit, as long as I was working on the New Testament. I read that a chapter a day, most days, and finished it in September, and then I kindof stopped and need to get back on that wagon.

2. I started the year with 68 books on my list, some having been added as long ago as June 2009. I read 215 books during 2011 and I had 43 books on my to-read list as of Jan 1, earliest from April 2011.

3. I spun 28.9 oz
8.5oz attack of the green (vest)
69 grams (2.43oz) batt for noah
4oz azure dragon
200 grams (7oz) blue chili char stone
7oz gray superwash alpaca

That is not as much as the 60 I was aiming for, but seeing I somehow lost the summer (due to weather and weirdness) it's not as bad as I thought before I started adding them up.

4. We did go through the toys. There is now a dollhouse and 4 barbies upstairs, and a toy corner in my son's room, but otherwise they are all in one place. Unfortunately I feel like I need to go through them again now that they are finally gathered, but that might wait until spring or summer.

5. I did not get to deep clean the rooms like I was hoping to, but each room was gone through and cleaned thoroughly. Some rooms even got emptied and freshly refilled, as we finally managed to get the upstairs done and the girls moved up.

So I didn't get the goals all done the way I wanted to, but each goal was achieved in the spirit of the goal and in each case more was done than would have gotten done if I hadn't made the goal and aimed for it!

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