Thursday, November 01, 2007

N is for...


I realized that if I wanted to challenge myself to write *more* during the month of November, I should kind of start on the first day. I'm not committed to any specific amount, I am going to aim for daily this month - we'll see. I would just like to break the almost week between posts habit again.

N is also for... Neosporine!

Lily has been going ice skating every Thursday for the last month. (today was actually her third time going). Today, however, was my first time having to go help supervise (one of the moms always goes and is on the ice, and the rest of us rotate helping and watching). I of course, 5 minutes after getting there, gouge myself with a pocket knife (cutting one of the plastic tags off of my daughter's new skates). Bleeding stopped relatively soon and bandaids are on. I am fine, but my hand is a bit sore. I tried knitting tonight, and I could knit without pain, but purling is out for another day or two. (I won't be attempting to do the wire knitting until next week, which is sad, as I was looking forward to playing with my new pretty wires).

N is also for... Newborn (sometime in March/April).

The pregnancy hasn't been awful (just don't ask the rest of the family), I'm just tired a lot.
We are happy and excited though. Thank you for all the good wishes.


aksunflour said...

New skin (liquid bandage) works very well also. I took a chunk of finger off last week w/the cheese grater..... and no one would eat the grated cheese either. Wonder why... just kidding.

the boogeyman's wife said...

congrats on the pregnancy! hope everything goes well during it (ie no puking)