Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November 7

I gifted the cute stuff today, the hat didn't happen and wasn't happening. It might sometime in the near future, as it is cute in those colors, and I might as well use them.

So today I finally started working on the socks for my husband again. Remember them? (You have to go down a bit... his are the just started brown ones there). When I entered it into Ravelry originally I called them Dessert, as they are just the perfect colors for a chocolate layer something covered in fudge. ...maybe a bit of caramel mixed in too? :)

One of the socks has a heel done, the other one I am working on the gusset. I have to go from 60 stitches to 90 stitches before I start the heel. I have about 20 rows left, of course they get progressively larger. I'm hoping to get through the rest of the increases tonight, which would mean I'd need access to the book tomorrow... unless I do fold laundry instead of knitting during tomorrow's 'quiet time'. Either way, I'm hoping to be working on the cuff of both socks soon enough!

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