Thursday, November 15, 2007

November 15

With this post I am half way through the month. I think this blogging daily thing will not continue into December - I don't want to feel like I have to every day - but it is good practice, and almost a habit now!

Today I did manage to knit half a pattern on the lace scarf during Lily's ice skating. She reached her goal (10 times across the width of the rink and back - my little marcher, she only fell umm.. 4 times?) so instead of re-casting on the toe to my husband's sock we made ginger snap cookies. Want to see? Not the cookies from today, but almost the same... yummy.

Tonight was the church craft night - with the help of some people, we managed to cut out pieces for 6 complete costumes (mary, joseph, 2 shepherds and 2 wisemen) for a still nativity that the children will do for our Christmas party. Now I just need to make sure each packet has everything it needs and then hand them out to the willing victims to sew. They do look fairly simple, but they still need to be done, and I don't want to do them all! No way that's happening. I think I'll keep Mary to do.

Now I can go watch a bit of Les Miserables and zone for a bit before sleep.

oh right, I did find some safe sick meds. I got some vicks and some similar shower steams. ...and I did sleep last night and feel much better today. Amazing what some sleep will do.

...and don't worry. I didn't forget that I mentioned a one year blog-anniversary contest. It will just happen a bit later in the month than my actual anniversary, but it will happen. (I know you were all just so worried - right jbb?)

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jbb said...

Yes, I've been worried...that I might never win ANYTHING :) (a FINISHED product, that is)...

Hope you feel better!