Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18

Today was a long day. Usually Sundays are. No knitting was accomplished. I'm really looking forward to this next week. Thanksgiving is something I really look forward to, and the rest of the family is really excited about it to. Since we drive up to have the meal with extended family I don't even have to cook a whole meal. Another reason I'm excited about this week is the fact that very little is planned, so it should be a nice break.

I've been enjoying the contest entries so far. It will be open until Friday sometime, since I start Christmas preparations as soon as Thanksgiving is over, and this prize will be the first gift of the season.

I'm hoping to be able to squeeze some knitting in tomorrow, or some spinning... or both. Stay tuned, and good luck!

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Your Husband said...

Hey, we both cook the meal!