Sunday, November 04, 2007

November 4

That was the second (smaller) sweater as of this evening. When I took this picture I was working on both of the sleeves. Obviously I am not a simple person and doing one sleeve at a time and being done was not my goal tonight. No. Instead I picked up both sleeves, worked from both ends of the ball of yarn and finished both sleeves at the same time. It worked well except for the last 20 minutes or so when my fingers just itched. I knew I was almost done, and yet I knew it was going to take time to do the last 3 rows of stockinette, a decrease row, 7 rows of garter, and then bind off. So close to taste it, not close enough to cut yarn... so painful.

It is now sitting on my lap, done, except for the fact that I'm weaving in ends, and neither sweater has anything for closing. I've got to look at my buttons and zippers tomorrow, and hopefully have finished pictures to show you within the next day or two of all of these items.

I have now done 4 days of daily posts. I'm trying to sleep off the beginnings of another cold (so far I've managed to skirt around all colds in this house - a day or two of tissues and ickyness and then fine... I'm trying to figure out exactly what in my line of defense is making that possible so I can continue this trend). Look back over the past year at all yet? Contest to be seen within the week....

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aksunflour said...

you are skirting the colds because you are pregnant and taking some really good multi-vitamins.

Congratulations on blogging for one year.