Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 24

I actually knit today. It's been a couple of days... which is usually what happens during a holiday - especially a holiday with a road trip. I'm about to start the second heel of my husband's second sock again. It is definitely matching at this point, so hopefully between tonight and tomorrow I'll be able to finish the heel and be ready to start both legs.

I've also been playing around with a music program on the computer. It's called Lilypond, and it allows you to program code to compose music and then takes that code and makes it into a lovely pdf file. I've only done a bit of the tutorial, enough to do some single note piano pieces for Lily to play, but it was pretty cool. Of course, I use Ubuntu Linux, but it also says it works on Mac and Windows.

My husband lit up a fake log fire tonight. It's the first in a long time and it does make the room so nice to be in - especially with a movie on, husband knitting, knitting on my lap and girls in bed (one sleeping, the other one reading). Have a great rest of the weekend!


aksunflour said...

you don't knit in the car? That is my best time! pretty much non interrupted time.

Glad that you made it back safely and are snuggled into your nice warm house with a fire and kids snoozing.

Anne said...

Ooh that does sound lovely.. What a great way to spend some time. Makes me wish I had a fireplace even though it's usually not cold enough to use it here!

the boogeyman's wife said...

that sounds cozy (read in jealous tone)