Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14

Today was at least slightly more interesting than yesterday. I'm still sniffling (I feel like a broken record, always barely sick, never really ill, but just annoying). I pulled together the rest of the stuff for my last swap package. It'll be ready to ship within the next couple of days. I managed to work a pattern or two on the lace scarf - some of that was done tonight at the first real meeting for the pioneer valley s&b. It was fun to meet Deb and the place is nice enough (and I had a great hot chocolate), so I look forward to doing that again!

I stopped at the store on the way home and grabbed some vicks and other safe sick stuff, and some snacks, so now I get to go feel better and knit while watching Life.

Tomorrow night is a church craft night at my house - we're planning to cut out some patterns for nativity costumes, and then divvy them up to be sewn. So probably not much knitting tomorrow - much cleaning and then socializing and cutting.

I think there's a good chance that SP11 will be my last swap for a while - I've had great swap partners in the past, and I LOVE the people and stuff this time around too, but with the pregnancy revving up and the holidays to take care of, I shouldn't plan on being dependable until summer at least. I've realized this over the past couple of days and that makes the end of this current swap somewhat bittersweet. I want to know who's been spoiling me, and I want to ship off my own reveal package, but I don't really want it to be over. I'll look forward to when I feel up to swapping again.


aksunflour said...

I understand the swap thing. Even though I only have done one (it was such a wonderful experience that I don't want to jinx it, by doing another). Financially, can't do more than one year anyways.

Finding meds to take while pregnant- now that is funny! There aren't any!

Anonymous said...

So you want to know who I am..... well I'm sorry you will have to wait a little while longer heee hee
All will be revealled soon, a a little clue - I live in a very scenic place, and am often called mad...
(word verification ended in wip - they are trying to tell me to finish something !!)