Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12

Not much knitting today. I had the car all day, so it was mostly spent grocery shopping and running other errands. However, the way I get the car all day is I drive my husband to work. This means that I need to go pick him up afterwards. just happens that there is a lovely yarn shop almost on the path between his office and the highway. ...and it worked out that I was kid-free went I picked him up, so I got to browse through the shop without kids and then have a great dinner out with him.

What I got in the shop was for swaps and gifts.... and my husband picked up two beautiful sock yarn hanks. I'm sure pictures will eventually end up on his blog (but they aren't there yet). Laura (owner of the shop) had some new sock yarns and some lovely fiber!! They were all so pretty. She just started spinning and so hopefully what was there was just the beginning of a whole fiber corner :). If I hadn't just gone to Rhinebeck and come back with tons of fiber I would have gotten one or two there tonight.

I want to go knit, but I probably won't tonight. I just keep reminding myself that I was crazy and did everything today so I can knit and do other stuff the rest of the week. Hopefully I will have some progress to show tomorrow!

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