Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10

So I tried the socks on husband's feet. One was too loose (we knew it was a bit loose since I finished it first and already tried it on him). The other one was just a bit too tight. Since I'm not leaving them mismatched like that he decided a bit tight is much better than a bit loose. Upon examining the two socks, I couldn't just fudge it. They were different sizes all the way back, only by a bit, but definitely different all the way back to the toe. Notice the past tense there? They were. The one that was a bit loose is now no more. I ripped it out this morning, and then while I was at a Church Christmas prep activity (making presents) I took a while and knit some on the lace scarf. I will restart the sock within the next day or two.

November has been interesting with my experiment of daily blogging. I purposefully did not sign up for anything official (NaBloPoMo) because the last thing I need is pressure, but it has been interesting, and I have been posting every day. We'll see how the rest of the month goes, but I'm proud of doing it for 1/3 of the time so far.

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