Monday, November 26, 2007

November 26

Knitting-wise I got about an inch and a half done on each leg of my husband's socks. I've got it worked out so that I am working on both sock legs at once, so I don't have to do any counting or measuring. Because of that I feel like I'm crawling along - I just keep reminding myself that when I am done, I will really be DONE with the pair... so it will be worth it.

Other-wise I didn't get much done today. I thought I was supposed to be full of energy now? Nope, not really. ...or maybe I used it up ummm - sometime? That's okay I guess. I had enough energy to help the girls get their work done (each day - piano practicing, school workbooks, and cleaning chores). I also planned for joy school tomorrow (the preschool co-op, it's my turn to teach two days this week). Unfortunately my laptop is having issues, so I feel a little disconnected, but I am lucky to live with my own computer guru, so the desktop is fine for now and hopefully the laptop will be great again soon. (right sweetie??)

Each day is its own adventure.

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the boogeyman's wife said...

good luck with those legs, that's why i haven't tried the 2 socks at once thing yet.
and sorry for the flood of comments, just getting back online after holidays in about feeling disconnected. i don't know how they don't have internet.