Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 17 - Contest

Since you've been waiting patiently, here are the contest details. To mark both my one year blogging anniversary, and the fact that I am now over 150 posts total (posting every day really helps that move quickly, eh?), here is the contest that was delayed due to health.

How to win: Comment on this entry telling me how old your oldest WIP is and what it is. Two entries if you also give a good excuse on why it is still a WIP and not an FO. An extra entry if someone else enters and says you sent them here.

The time frame: This will stay open until the day after Thanksgiving. So the winner will be drawn sometime on Friday!

The who: anyone is eligible (yes husband and jbb, you too). Even if you googled here for something else, you can enter. If you want to win though, you do need to make sure to leave an email address so I can contact you, otherwise I'll skip you over if your name is drawn.

The prize: Either some handspun yarn, or something equally nice from my stash (if you would rather not have handspun). An amount possible for making a hat/scarf/small bag. Some negotiations will be possible, but final decision on what gets mailed to you is mine.

For those who don't know still, a WIP is a Work in Progress. A FO is a Finished Object. These do not have to be craft related, although that is the intention. If you aren't a crafter and still want to enter you may. We all have things we start and mean to finish and need to finish but end up sitting for a long long time.

Have fun thinking of things - good luck!


Anonymous said...

My oldest is a Chenille jumper, probably been on the needles for five/six years - I only need to do the neck band and sew it up but I keep on loosing either the magazine that the pattern is in or the bag of knitting !!

All my other aging wips where frogged a while ago - made me feel so much better ;-)

My newest would be the three things I've cast on over the last two days - bad case of startitis..


jbb said...

I was lucky in having some other people finish up WIP stuff (such as 10 Commandmanets sampler). But I made an afghan for my husband (yes, I crafted) back in Detroit (for Valentine's Day 2000). It was one of those evil afghans where you have to stitch all the squares together. And then the sewing job I did just didn't take well. So I did some work to go back over it with thread to tie things up nicely (pun intended). But I got hung up on it a few years ago...and probably haven't even touched it since baby #1. It's not an FO because I'm trying to do other things in "spare" time (such as prep for homeschooling, writing children's books, and occasionally sleeping, cleaning, or even working out). This project is right above labeling pictures from my mission...

Speaking of WIP, do I get bonus points for bringing up one of yours?

My latest WIP (if sewing counts) is some fabric I bought with child #1 a few weeks ago. I have washed it, but it has not been cut yet...

Knitting Mama said...

My oldest right now is my Woven Trellis Scarf, and it's a WIP because it needs 6 x 90 inch tubes and it got too annoying. I need to find the motivation to sit down and finish it. It's like the road that never ends. My good excuse for my 2nd entry - I started it when I was pregnant with no kids. Then Sean was born = less knitting time. Now baby on the way, even less knitting time and more sleeping time! LOL Ok, that's not really a great excuse, but I'll use it! LOL - No one sent me here, but I'll be sure to send people here for your contest!

the boogeyman's wife said...

how fun! the oldest knitting WIP i have is a striped turtleneck. the front, back, and half of one sleeve are done. it's been warming the bottom of the basket for a while, but i started it in jan/feb 2006. so it's working on 2 years. why? i think i just got bored with it. odd to have gotten so far before that happened, but yeah. my goal is to finish it this winter (after christmas). cuz i still like it, it just doesn't grab me.

but then you went and mentioned other crafts. . . i have cross stitch UFOs from (eek!) high school. 1996. crazy. they just take longer to sit down and work on (and remember where i'm at). but i remember them once in a while, and think, i'll finish those some day :)

aksunflour said...

Oldest WIP? Now let me think..... Knitting: is Bumpkin's leggings (and why a WIP and not FO- well basically I got bored w/them, they are taking way to long). They were started in Aug. 2007

Sewing: Jack-a-lope slippers (I started them when I was pregnant and going through a nasty custody battle). And why aren't they finished- to much ripping out of seams. So I get frustrated and put them down until another month/year.

Rita said...

My current oldest WIP is the Middle Earth Quilt for my oldest son. It was supposed to be done when he graduated from college nearly 5 years ago. It did not get completed because ... husband's heart attack that same time, I started part-time work, there were two other quilts due about the same time (they are now done), hard time getting the map scanned and printed large enough, and finally, someone (name not mentioned) who offered to help, still needs to fill in some of the white spaces the scanning/printing left before I can copy the map to cloth and begin the actual quilting.

granny sweetcakes said...

jbb bugged me and told me to enter in this contest, and I told her I would. So I went to the store and bought a computer (it took a while, since the lines were so long, but I did get a good discount), and just barely finished getting it set up. So, my oldest work in progress would be a doggy sweater for my sweet little pudding. I started it 35 years ago, but then got caught up in birthdays, anniversaries, and such, and then before I knew it, my doggie had died. But I got a new dog, but this one was bigger, because I had moved to the city and needed to have someone to protect me, so I needed to start all over. But because it was so big, I ran out of thread, and couldn't find a matching color, because so much time had passed. So I restarted, and now I'm almost done with it. And my pudding will look so cute in it, and just in time for winter.

Alright, so this is actually Henry. As for an oldest work in progress... I remember starting some cross-stitch thing that I never finished. No idea where it is now. Yeah, I guess that would be it.